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Tool to adjust stake object heights to a new datum

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Attached is a tool that I have written to adjust stake object heights to a new datum value. It is designed for garden designers who enter their levels using the stake object.

To use, select the stake object that is to be set to the new datum value. Run the script. A dialogue box will open where the new datum value can be entered. All stake objects of the same class, on the same layer and with the same style will be highlighted. It is quite common that on site, all values are set to a datum of 0, but when working on the plan, they are adjusted to say 50M. Assuming that you are working in MM, you would enter 50000 in the box. On hitting OK, all the stake objects indicated will be adjusted to offsets of the new datum, in this case, 50000.

Since I use a ziplevel to take my levels, all my levels are absolute values from the datum. If you are using a dumpy or laser level and a staff, this script could be modified to take the inversion from the datum.

If you wish to group your levels, say from a different datum, simply put them in a different class or use a different stake object style. Individual spot heights can be differentiated with a different stake object style and will not be included in the adjustment.

Copy to your user plugins folder and change your workspace to add the set stake datum command under the menu miscellaneous section to a drop down menu.

Whilst every care has been taken to test this tool, it is provided here in good faith and no liability can be taken from errors or loss of work resulting in its use or installation. As with IT in general, especially where work is of commercial value, it is prudent to take pertinent backups/copies of your work before installing and running this script.

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