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Demensioning from outside of stud to outside of stud

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When Laying out my buiklding I know for example that I want one wall to be 9' wide- I have chosen a predefined wall with 2x6 studs, 1/2 sheathing on the outside and 5/8 gyp on the inside. I select the wall tool with the above perimeters and then hit tab to make the wall go 9'0 in the direction I want it and then I proceed to the next wall. I waould like to some how tell VW that to have the outside of stud to outside of stud to be 9"0 not the the overwall length- Is there a way to set this up?

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You'll need to know the overall thickness of the wall, divide by two then subtract the thickness of the siding + sheathing and that's the number you enter into the Control Offset data field. Find this at Wall Prefs. >> Insertion Options >> Control Offset.

If you just enter a number in Control Offset, you are offsetting from the center of the wall NOT the face...

Hope this helps

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