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Inst. rotation on truss in VW 2008

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I am trying to see if there is a way, when hanging a mover on a truss, it will orient correctly. Right now all my lights are sitting upright on the truss. As if they were floor mounted.

I have created lighting positions, used the inst insertion tool, and have hanging data for everything.


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The best way is to make a copy of the symbol you used, name it something distinct, then edit the 3D geometry of the symbol - flip everything across the insertion point (the bottom of the base). Now you'll have a new unit you can properly hang, instead of a floor mount unit on top of your pipe. Replace old symbols w/ new as needed. Remember that in a rendering, the light always comes from the insertion point.

Cris Dopher

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Actually, there might be 2 answers here:

1) If you're using symbols, Chris' advice is what you'll want to do.

2) If you're using SpotLight Instruments (which are Plug-In Objects), use the "Rotate 3D" settings toward the bottom of the Object Info Palette. Try entering "180" in the "Y" box.

You can edit the symbol on which the PIO is based, but then you'll break one of the conventions VW and ESP Vision use to talk to each-other.

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