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How to make sections look 3d

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am i right this is a 2d? i do this a lot myself using image fills etc . but for this reason shadowdrop (like in "pages" or photoshop) for elements or layers is still on my topwishlist. But until now it is an option to draw the shadows with polygons and set them transparent... but no soft edges than! and a lot of work.

cheers joerg

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If you notice, it is NOT a roof object. I did use roof face objects, as the sheathing on top, the ceilings and soffits below. The roof is modeled as it would virtually be built, lots of pieces, including Framing Members (rafters, joists, beams and trimmers). The roof crickets are 3D polygons. The same goes for the floor construction; Floor object as structural sheathing and finish floor (bamboo flooring) with Framing Members (Open web wood truss). Another Floor object is used as the flat ceiling.

This is VW BIM.

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METHOD 1: Use the 3D modelling Extract tool to create another surface from the bottom face of the Floor object. Move this down 5 mm and apply your ceiling texture to that surface.

METHOD 2: Trace the outline to create a 2D polygon. Convert this to a 3D polygon and move it up so it is just below the bottom surface of the Floor object and apply your ceiling texture to that surface.

METHOD 3: Use the AEC command Create Polys From Walls. Convert the resulting 2D polygons to 3D polygons, and move them up so they are just below the bottom surface of the Floor object. Then apply your ceiling texture(s) to these surfaces.

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All good, but they are still work-arounds, as I would bet you would also prefer a floor/ceiling/roof object (literally why couldn't it just be one all-purpose object?) that you can just render how you want it on each different face right in the object settings.

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The ability to apply different textures to the top, bottom and edges of floor objects has often been asked for. There are circumstances though where you need more than a single finish to each of those three elements. That is when you need to be able to use other methods like the three descibed above.

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