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VW12.5.3-Wall Component Classes


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I do a lot of remodels. This means measuring an existing building to the finished surface, (usually drywall). I then need to draw a floor plan using these field measurements.

I have tried using Wall Styles and frankly do not like them. Before CAD we drew walls to represent the studs only. Dimensions are to the studs. This is the way that I have always done it and would like to continue doing so.

If I use Wall Styles, the Dimension Exterior Wall command dimensions to the finish material. This is not what I want. Dimensions need to be to the framing, to the studs.

This is my question. Is there a way to have separate Classes for wall components?

I would like to have a Class for Stud and a Class for Drywall. During the drawing phase I could have both classes on which makes drawing much easier. My field measurements are to drywall and having the physically accurate Wall Tool with drywall will allow placing of wall on the drawing without having to do math with each wall placement, (adding or subtracting for the thickness of the drywall).

Once the plan is drawn, I could then turn off the Drywall Class. Now I have a traditional floor plan showing only the studs. The Dimension Exterior Wall command would then properly dimension to the studs.

Is this possible?

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I don't think you can do what you are asking in 12.5,

another reason to go to 2008, unless you can wait it

out for the next, bigger, better, new and improved release.

You or someone else can verify this on 12.5.3, I am on 2008.

But on 2008 yes you CAN do what you are asking.

See these images...



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Thanks for such a thorough and accurate reply. You clearly show exactly what I am trying to do. I am glad that VW2008 now does this. I only wish that VW12.5 did it :-(.

I really appreciate your time and effort in following through on this.

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Kudos to gmm18, nicely done. I have a related problem - perhaps. I have found that when I make a new wall type, in this case by altering a stock wall, and save, it will often eradicate all previous wall types, any guesses why this might be?

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