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Windows, rough openings and Schedules

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I open a blank file and drag an Andersen TW3062 window from the Andersen library in the Resource Browser into the drawing.

I go to Tools>Reports> VA Create Schedule and create a window schedule.

The first thing I notice is that the units in the schedule are set incorrectly. They are showing the window dimensions in fractional feet (3 1/8 feet) rather than a dimension (3' 1 5/8") so I have to reformat all the dimensions in the schedule.

Next, I notice that while the O.A. Width and O.A. Height of the window unit are correct, the Rough Opening Width and Height are NOT correct. They show the same dimension as the O.A. Width and Height.

So, I click the window Settings button on the OIP and find that the shim gap is set to 0".

Changing it to 1/4" apparently adds that dimension to both sides of the window so now the Rough Opening Width shows correctly at 3' 2 1/8". Unfortunately, it also adds 1/4" to the O.A. Height of the window so now the Rough Opening Height is incorrect. There appears to be no way to have the shim gap for the width be different from the height.

Is it just me or is it not possible with this Architectural CAD program to accurately model a window by one of the most widely sold manufacturers in the U.S. and have it show properly on the window schedule?

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Someone should invite the VW Engineers out to lunch, then ask them to help with the installation of an Anderson window & door package on the old house across the street. Usually within the first hour the need to accurately dimension the rough openings becomes obvious ; )

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Yeah, and if the window can't be installed as it is drawn by Vectorworks right out of the box, then NNA has to pick up the tab for lunch.

I can eat a lot of lunch!

Maybe they should just hire a few architects to advise the software engineers about what sorts of things they should be including in the package? Thank goodness we have a million colors now to offset the other shortcomings.

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Just so happens a Free apprenticeship just opened up at work. Underpinning a foundation. It is dirty, swetty, concretey but oh so glorious work. I'll see you all @ 7:00?

I built a house once were the designer put the unit dimensions in the spot for the R/O's. I believe he was a miniCAD user, too. Oops. Now I recheck all the RO's from the factory specs, especial when I did the drawing.

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