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DTMs and the joy they bring...

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i've created a dtm of a site i've recently surveyed with a leica total station and am having some problems with it.

1 the site has a stream running through it and i have tried to highlight this by creating a polygon and then sending it to the surface, and then render this using open gl. this is partially successful, however once i send the polygon to the surface it goes all weird(??!! thats a technical term...)

2 where do you find symbols/models of trees that can be used on site models? i presume that once you have said symbol/model you can use the send to surface funtion?

3 how can i attach a boudary fence to the outer edge of my site model?

i've attached a copy of the offending file with this message

any help would be greatly appreciated


vectorworks 2008

acer aspire 7520

amd athlon dual core

2gb ram

80 gb hdd

windows vista...

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you can locate trees to use in the vectorworks library, there are plenty of 3d symbols in there, you can access them by selecting add new favourites in your resource browser. i have tried to have a look at your DTM but for some reason its all fuzzy an doesnt behave properly when i open it.

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hey thanks for that strange that the dtm isn't opening ok, i've just downloaded it and it opened fine with vectorworks 2008... thanks for the advice about the trees and the resource browser.



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try using the 3d polygon tool in the 3d modeling set, this may help you with a quick stream. As a side note I'm not sure what each point is when I turn on the label reference to list the description they don't tell me what the points are, this could help greatly, or if you have a listing system then Ignore my previous statement.

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