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Autocad Import problem



We are using Vectorworks version 11 (mac based).

We are having a lot of probems opening dwgs sent to us from Autocad based companies.

Is this just a matter of buying a newer version of vectorworks or is the only solution to buy a seperate pc with autocad?

With thanks

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If you have a pc you can download DWG TrueView from the Autodesk website (www.autodesk.com)

Click on the "DWG from Autodesk. The original" link and it will get you to the download page for TrueView.

This is a viewer with dwg converter and it can convert AutoCAD files from release 14 up to 2009 back and forth into R14 or newer dwg files.

During conversion you can also have it fix some minor errors in the dwg files.

I don't recall right now if it also can convert to R12 and R13 files.

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Sometimes acad drawers send files in english units instead of metric. If you have autocad you may change it in Units directory, or ask from other companies. Xref files you can not see, ask to send them separately, or to bined into the file

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