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VECTORWORKS 2008 for MAC FOR SALE - includes RW and Workbook

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My office is selling our VW 2008 license. This includes VW2008 with Renderworks for MAC, the manuals and the training CD AND the spiral bound Workbook. Separately all worth over 2k. Selling for $1000 OBO which will include free overnight to any US city.

I am the original purchaser and this is a legitimate sale.



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Guest Pablo_L

David - Please make sure to contact your sales rep with your serial number and the new buyers contact information so that they can switch the information in our database.

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This scenario reminds me of the case of Vernor vs. AutoDesk, in which an ebay seller posted a used copy of AutoCad 14 - to whom AutoDesk sent a cease and desist order, to which the seller responded by suing the company.


The funny part of this story is that the million dollar lawsuit is over a used 12 year old software product, which today is unsupported by AutoDesk. I use AutoCad at work, a version which "retired" several years ago ( I also use VW ). But if I try to put it on ebay, even as the original owner, the "retired" software could violate AutoDesk's license agreement. But the violation itself could be illegal, if Vernor wins his case.

Sorry, I could not help but relate this story, which is still pending in court. It just goes to show what a software license can do when it's pushed to its legal limits -- and beyond.

Good luck with your ebay auction!

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Its just one reason I will never buy another product from Autode$k. They are evil. Its they who should be sued for peddling the same tired old product year after year with the same issues. The folks at VW were great, and I had no issues with the company.

VW was an attempt to cut my Windows umbilical chord once and for all. I decided on Archicad but not before giving VW a solid effort, even purchasing it to underpin my commitment.

I cant tell you how may trade shows I went to where Autodesk had a booth, and I would poke and prod the folks there as to when a Mac version would be avail. Always the same reply.

No one I know actually buys it anyway...which surprises me that Autodesk would care if someone is out there trying to breath life into a dead product. You would think they would be glad there is a market for their old crap....which might possibly turn into a legitimate customer one day. It defies logic.

My $0.02

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You know there was a version of AutoCAD running on the Mac in the late '80s. The problem was Apple insisted in running the graphics thru Quick Draw. QD was so slow that no one liked AutoCAD it on the Mac. Made the early version of MIniCAD look really good.

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