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Student/Professional Version Compatibility

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If it is from the Academic version of 2008, it should open just fine. The file will retain the Academic Version watermark, as will any file you try to copy and paste into or import resources into.

There was a student version of VW12.5 that was released for a short time that had an incompatible file format. Could it actually be a VW12 file?

If you contact Tech Support by phone at 410-290-5114 they should be able to help you get the file converted to something you can use.


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The message I'm getting says: "This file was saved in the student edition of VectorWorks. Files saved in the student edition cannot be opened in the professional version."

I think it was created in the free student edition of 2008. I don't know if it's "academic" or not.

The pro version I'm running is 11. They used the 'export' function in 2008 to export to a version 11 file.

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Refer the user that sent you the file to Student Services at studentservices@nemetschek.net to have the files converted. Also have the user include there serial number in the email so that he/she can be sent a new serial number to prevent this issue in the future.

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