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Extending a roof gable

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You might have to ungroup the roof object to make the changes, then the roof object will become a roof face and be easily editable. Make sure that the dormers associated with it are exactly how you want them because they will also be ungrouped and not easily editable any longer.

I often duplicate the whole roof object to maintain the flexibility and ease of edits and then you can still make changes to your dormers or other elements with your roof, ungroup that roof and transfer those elements to the new roof.

Edit. Or you could use Peter's better suggestion...

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Thanks for the advice. I think I have somehow corrupted the roof object, since one end (gable) will move fine with a 2D move, but the other end generates this odd object. I will suffer through the remake (actually not too bad since I am more used to the tool now.)

One other thing: a dormer cutout hole needs to be shifted. Can it be moved or can a section be added to fill in the hole (Add Surface)? I can take out a chuck via the Edit Grooup actions, of course.


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I simply made a roof object and selected it. Then went to Edit Group and pasted in a rectangle where I wanted a cut out. I exited Edit Group and had the hole in the roof that I wanted. Only then, things evolved and it is now 12" over from where I want it. How can I relocate that hole? Generally it is easier to just remake the roof, but sometimes there are other items already associated with it so it would be too time consuming.

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If it is a Roof Face object, you just draw a rectangle/polygon over the hole, Copy it, then select the roof face and rectangle/polygon together and use Add Surface to fill in the hole. Then you Paste In Place to get your rectangle/polygon back, move it to where you want the new hole, hit Clip Surface, and voila, there it is.

If it is a complete roof, you have to ungroup it to get to the roof faces as Tad says.

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Blackdogarch you can fill in a hole in a roof object. Select the roof object and choose EDit Group from the Modify menu. When you are inside the group the roof faces will be in grey and the object forming the hole will be in black. Run a marquee around the hole forming object to select it and press the Delete key. Exit the Group and the hole will be gone.

If you need to move the hole select the hole forming object with the marquee and then use the Move command to move it.

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Well, I'll be.. To think of a hole as an object. Makes sense in CAD-land but takes me back to Star Trek.

I knew it had to be something direct. Thanks very much for all your help!

BTW, Can you partially fill a hole? I can't seem to grab just one edge of the hole object. Thx

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Probably easy enough to delete the unwanted cutout (as per mike m oz's hint), and then paste in place the cut out at the size and location you want? You may be able to use the 2d reshape tool on the original object when the roof is in edit group?

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