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Is there a faster way than offsetting?

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I don't know if I'm missing the obvious or asking the impossible so here goes.

I am try to draw up a 'shaker styled' kitchen with the door sitting in a 40mm wide frame and the door itself having an 80mm frame around the central fixed panel.

I know I can use the offset tool to draw this to the required dimensions each time, but is there a way of linking these frame sizes so that I can just drag n' drop and stretch a symbol which retaining the frame sizes.

Thanks in advance,


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The tool does not work on groups. The idea is that a group is a locked object itself and should not be editable by accident.

You must ungroup first or work within the group. I'd do the latter if all objects you want to reshape are in the group: Doubleclick the group first. You also need to have all affected objects selected. Only selected objects will reshape.

Try it out first on some simple elements, rectangles or similar - you'll soon find out how it works.

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the 2D reshape tool will not work on the whole group, you have to enter the group first and then use it on the parts you want to edit.

if it was me, i would approach the problem differently. I would use the base cabinet for drawing the kitchen units, then use section viewports to make the drawings. if you set up a base cabinet correctly, you will find you can drag a copy of a unit and edit the size of the unit on the Object Info Palette.

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i regularly draw stile and rail doors for my woodwork company, and I generally do the grouping thing. It would be great to be able to constrain certain items within a group so that if it was resized simply by the vertices in 2D selection mode things would remain the dimensions they are supposed to be. A wish list item?

BTW - using the parametric cabinets as supplied by VW are too limiting for detailed cabinetry.

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Set the double-line tool to one of your specified widths (say 80mm) and to create polygon (NOT lines). Draw a door frame. You now have a polygon with both inside and outside lines.

When you double-click the polygon, you'll get the 2D Reshape tool. Click outside the polygon and draw a marquee/box around one end of the door frame. All of the vertices inside the marquee will now move together. Either drag (visually) or enter the distance to change the "length" of the door frame. All this without altering the 80mm offset between inside and outside lines.

A similar approach can be taken with your face frames: you'll just have to do some Add Surface steps to get a single polygon.

One key paradigm to conquering VW is to think in terms of objects rather than lines.

Good luck,

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When using walls, be sure to just move one wall AND make certain the Wall Join option is turned on at the top of your drawing window. If a square were drawn with the Wall tool and I wanted a rectangle, I would just grab the center handle of a single wall and drag it. The two adjoining walls will "stretch" right along with the wall being moved.

If you find a corner that's come apart, just use the Wall Join tool to "heal" the corner. (Make sure it's set to the correct option: "L" or "T" joint.)

Good luck,

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I know what you mean Ride, I run into the same problem. I cannot get Travis' "double line way" to work... you? I can only move one edge at a time, or simply move the entire thing.

You're talking about stiles and rails with an insert panel. Then suppose you take a door that,s 15" x 28" and you want to just resize it to say 20" x 32", but when you reshape, all the internal parts get stretched and resized. Hate that. A good solution would be nice... if some one does get it to work...reply here

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I know I can use the offset tool to draw this to the required dimensions each time, but is there a way of linking these frame sizes so that I can just drag n' drop and stretch a symbol which retaining the frame sizes.

Use a grouped "master" door as others have said, copied to the clipboard, and turn ON "show other objects while in groups".

Paste the door group, place one corner where it belongs, double click to edit the group, select all, and marquee-resize the width and the height, separately. Marquee the top half or so of the door to resize the height, for instance. It goes very quickly since you don't need to precisely place the marquee, and you have the background geometry to snap to.

Exit the group, and repeat...

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If you select both object (inside and outside edges) and use the 2D Reshape tool you can get what you want.

Use the 2D reshape tool to draw a marquee around the objects you want to move (the upper edge of both the inside and outside). Grab any point inside the marquee and start moving it. Everything inside the marquee will move together. Kind of like a temporary group.

Repeat with the side and you are done.

I don't know a way to do both at the same time.

If this is something you do all the time, you might want to look at InteriorCAD. It is a cabinet add-on for VW. Not cheap, but said to be very good.

Or write (or have written for you) a plug-in object that will allow you to make the modifications either with handles or in the OIP to get what you want.


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