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Just having come from 4 years experience in Auto CAD, i have just moved to new company which uses VectorWorks 2008. I'm finding it extremely daunting as the command which i would normally find so easy to do, aren't so easy anymore! is there a way that I'm able to modify shortcut commands so that i can use the programs functions but in a more familiar manner?????

I'm finding myself taking deep breaths every 5 mins so i don't explode!

any help or pointers for this new user would be greatly appreciated!!



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Workspace Editor provides access to various modifiable Keystroke commands. However, the OS reserves many for itself ; )

Please be patient ... the learning curve can be brutal but the result blissful ... when you finally get that "Aha" moment ... ( although, it soon passes ; )

The key to working with VW is to set a consistent pace and follow a routine... take notes as you work. Also, make sure to set the Preference> "Undo" to something like 50 steps. But beware of Undoing work ... you will end up loosing stuff inadvertently... but on the other hand the loss will make you more aware of what you're doing.

The secret to VW is understanding the organizational structure: Objects, Tools, Menus, Palettes, Layers, Classes, Groups, Symbols, etc.

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Putting the undo to 50 steps is OK, it will use a lot of RAM, but also use the automatic back-up function in the VW preferences, where you can choose how often and how many back up files automatically will be saved in a separate folder.

Never lost a thing since I set it to every 3 minutes.

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Also, try modifying a copy of the current workspace so that you can always revert to the default if needed. You certainly can make VW look, act and feel a lot like AutoCad with the short cut keys and workspace. You can even have a black background and colored lines... ugh. I train a lot of new users and none have ever said that "VW is too difficult." In fact many say "why doesn't AutoCad do it this way, its much easier."

Here's a link to common terminology for people coming from AutoCad that I find useful.




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Aaron, since you like to use the keyboard, you might also want to consider getting a macro recording/playback program, such as Keyboard Express or Macro Express. I found that very helpful when switching over from AC. I much prefer VW now, but macros give you a lot more options in customizing any software.

I'm finding myself taking deep breaths every 5 mins so i don't explode!
That's an Autocad feature. VectorWorks will make you calmer and more tolerant. :)
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