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Linking Layers in 2008

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They took it out in 08. You can add Layer Link back into your workspace, however, in VW 2008 it is generally better to avoid

layer links altogether.

Instead, just use "Stack Layers." View->Stack Layers, or hit that little stack icon in the upper right corner of the drawing window just to the left of the rendering drop-down. With stack layers, it will show all layers you have set to be visible in a complete model view.

Be sure to set the "Z" height (floor height) of your design layers if you have multiple levels.

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Stack Layers is the preferred option. If you want a permanent view of your overall model you can use Design Layer Viewports. These are similar to Layer Links but have the big advantage of being manageable (You can modify which Layers and Classes are visible in them) and can be cropped. Far superior.

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if you change to the Standard workspace you can still use layer links. I really like layer links, but the abilities of a Design Layer Viewport are better than a layer link, so i recommend using those. you can use a Design Layer Viewport as you would a layer link.

i still make a permanent 3d model in a sepatate layer for various reasons and i don't use stacked layers very often

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I've run into another problem. I got the stacked layers and show both floors. However, I can't get select both floors so I can't copy both floors to do a hidden line rendering. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks again.

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