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Walls disappeared in 3d view

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Hi gmm18

I took a shot at your file and I found the same behavior, I can see the walls in plan but when in Isometric the walls vanish.

So, this is what I usually do when searching for causes:


Correct layer?

Type of objects?

Ht of walls in a layer?

All is correct but..... when you select all the objects in a axon view and ZOOM OUT real far, you'll see that your walls are hovering way above the floors, can't select them, but I can see they are not showing properly. My conclusion? File is corrupted somehow, but not all is lost, if you copy only walls and paste them in a new file, they all transfer nicely, then do the same with the floors, if you do both at the same time you'll provoke the same bad effect, can't explain it, but at least you can still work on your project, just do it using a fresh file.

Good luck

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I tested Wes's suggestion and BINGO! easier than using a new file. Yes the origin has a great deal to do here.

Great Catch Wes. Your are really a spaceballs.

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I can't believe it. It works! The walls are back! Thank you!!!

I don't understand why the origin has anything to do with it...but I am happy.

Its weird because first I tried using the Tools>Set Origin Command, and

set the origin to match the building, but that didn't work...but then I tried

it by actually moving the objects to match the existing origin and it worked!

So now I have to go in and edit the crop for each viewport, but at least I

don't have to re-create all of the VP's from scratch...(especially since I have

used a lot of VP class and layer overrides...this is great.

Thanks everyone.

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gmm18 from what I can determine there are two origins in Vectorworks:

- The 3D origin which cannot be moved (ie. the absolute origin).

- The 2D origin which can be moved (only visible in Top/Plan View).

To see the disconnection between the two open a blank drawing and set the Snap and Reference Grids to distances that will be visible. Then make the Snap Grid visible. Back in the drawing move the 2D origin and then toggle back and forward between Top/Plan View (zero on the numeric keypad) and Top View (five on the numeric keypad). Note also how the rulers move with the 2D origin and do not have any connection to the 3D origin.

Rendering seems to be tied to the 3D (absolute) origin and whenever you are a long way from that 3D origin you will have rendering problems. The same occurs if you have even a small object located a long way from the origin. My conclusion is that the rendering area is determined by the extents (ie spread of objects) on the page and that by default the 3D origin is always included in that extent.

Therefore to reduce the likelihood of rendering problems do as Ray has suggested:

- Alway work in close proximity to the 3D (absolute) origin (preferably in the centre of your extents); and

- Never have fragments a long way from it.

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This has happened YET again so ive attached 2 images of the same drawing, one is wireframe showing the wall and the other is Open GL showing the wall dissapeared. Note the wall also dissapears in hidden line, and in my elevation view.

Please please please can this get sorted? Its a right Pain!!!!

many thanks!!!!


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and yes, ive just closed VW and re-opened it and the wall has reappeared.... hmmmmm

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Hi lucylou,

Have you tried moving everything near(er) to the origin as suggested above?

Can you attach a sample file?


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have just been chatting with mike m oz and he suggested that, i dont think that is the problem, the origin seems to be at the center of the drawing.

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you're right, it does seem like a bug, but i cant make it happen! its not a consistant thing. its so random!

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Things to check.

1. Is the wall in the same class as the other walls?

2. Are you using a Saved View that might be turning off the class?

3. Are all the classes turned on in and Viewports that might be showing this?

4. Use the Eyedropper tool (with the Plug-In Parameters checked in the preferences) and pickup a "good" wall and pour it on the "bad" wall just to make sure the settings are all correct.

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I recently had similar problem. The drawing was created in VW2008 where everything displayed fine. In 2009 all objects displayed properly in wire frame, but some were invisible in some render and projection modes. The RW camera view is where the problem manifested. Strangely, in problem render/projection modes the selection highlights showed that the invisible objects were present. (????)

I suspected a corrupt object, perhaps from the conversion to WV2009. In a copy of the file, I deleted areas/objects until the render performed properly. The culprit was a corrupt extrude with nested objects. It prevented render of some other objects. In the original 2009 file, I entered the extrude and deleted the extra polylines. All objects now display in all render modes and all projection modes. I did not test to find relationship among the invisible objects. Class? Adjacency? No textures were applied to these objects.

So was the problem created during conversion? Pilot error in creation of the original extrude? Just a random corruption? dunno.


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1 yes

2 No

3 not viewing it in a view port but in the model, so its not a class visibility issue, nor a VP issue

4 it varies from wall to wall and happend at 3 different times to 3 different walls!


I am in VW 2008 still and its happening to "new" drawings as well as older ones. again, its happend quite a few times, at first i thought it was a one off, dodgy object so just deleted and started again... but 6months on its still happening and am fed up of deleting walls!!! and no, im not planning on upgrading to 2009 when 2008 has never been right!

thanks though!!!!! :o)

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Ive submitted a report to CU about it, if you mean for me to post a file, then i can do that, but whenever i go to, the problem isn't there!!!

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