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offset-tool bug

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hi there,

i had a few probs with the offset-tool

composed a curve shaped polygon...used an inner offset and clipped the inner from the outer form. unfortunately the offsetted inner form isn t curvy anymore. it is just polyline and the accuracy of the curves is all gone.

i just figured out if i offset curves one by one and compose it later on. i get a curved form but it takes ages to do this.

thanks in advance


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I've recently noticed this same problem with this tool. It's not just the curved portions of the polygon that are irregular, but also throughout the entire offset, curved or not. It's a little difficult to tell in this format, but the 10' distance can vary as much as 6" throughout the offset from the original polygon, and sometimes the corners become smoothed...even the 90? corners. Here's an example of an inside 10? offset. Is this an instance of what you are referring to, Bruce? Please keep in mind that I went to public schools;-)


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