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Minicad 6

Marcus E. ?hrfeldt


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The suffix or ending of the FileName tells the Operating System what to do with the file , ie. " .exe " is an executable and ".sit" is a Stuffit archive. Applications have a unique "Type" & "Creator" mime type which directs the OS to launch the linked application. In this case " .mcd " is a generic Minicad formatted file recognizable by all versions of Minicad & Vectorworks.

Look into the guts of any Browser for a list of mime types like ".html" which opens a Browser URL, whereas, ".pdf " will launch Acrobat Reader. Quicktime uses " .mov", etc.

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Marcus, first welcome to the list. There is a lot of confusion here from lack of information. Create a signature (My Stuff link at the top of the page, My profile) with VectorWorks version (if it's VW2008 include service pack and build number. You can see this by clicking on the Help menu in VectorWorks and choosing about VectorWorks.) Also add computer specs including operating system.

Please explain what demo.mcd is. I am able to open this in VectorWorks 2008. Is this from the same version as the other files you need to open?

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