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Linear PIO -- Not Generating on a double click.

John Gr

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Hi there

I have a number of Linear PIOs I have created. I have noticed that if a user accidently double clicks instead of Dragging a line the plugin is not displayed. The control points are highlighted and the fields are visible in the Object Info Browser with the default values but the Symbol has not generated. Once you desellect the PIO it is then invisible. If I change a Feild in the OI browser the Object is then generated.

I have noticed that that VW Rafter tool doesnt do the above but the Insulation Tool does.

I have been doing a select all then nudging left then right to regenate All Plugins to Make these PIO visible.


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I'm surprised that an object is created at all. Linear PIOs essentially have the same behavior as the Line tool -- if you double-click one single point in the drawing, you don't get a line of zero length -- you get no line, and the tool becomes deactivated.

If you really feel obligated to eliminate this behavior, you can do a separate plug-in that will be a "tool" that you can use simply to collect pick-points, and when you've got enough points to create an object, then use CreateCustomObject to create the object, and exit the tool script.

This is how the Framing Member Tool works, but not so much because the programmer really needed custom object creation behaviors, but because the Framing Member object is an SDK object, and these objects cannot be added to a palette and exposed directly to the user, like VectorScript objects can. So the programmer HAD to do a separate tool just to collect the pick points, and then use those points to create an object. This is why its creation behaviors are different from the Batt Insulation tool, which is just a linear PIO done in VectorScript.

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