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Creating Elevations VW08

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Perhaps easier is to use a sheet layer and Section VP as an intermediate.

Create Section VP. VP is selected and the sheet layer made active.

Set the VP scale to 1:1. It becomes huge on the sheet.

Update the VP.

Convert to Lines/Polys/Group as needed.

Use the OIP to put the converted group to the needed layer or Cut and Paste.

This works with regular VPs also.


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Why skip using such a powerful new feature? As Pat says, use Create Section Viewport and "cut" a section outside the model. Make sure all the layers you want are selected in the Create Viewport dialog.

If you want more graphic refinement, select the viewport on the sheet layer , override all the class attributes to show everything beyond the section cut in a class with a light pen and no fill. Then trace over in the VP annotation space.

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Jeff & Pat, I agree that if you need the ability to control length or "depth of field" for an elevation, that the section tool is the way to go. If however, you don't need those things, using an elevation VP on a design layer would be easier because you don't have to cut from a sheet layer and then paste on a design layer. Also, I find section VPs to still be a little bit finicky and buggy so I use elevation VPs whenever I can because they don't ever give me trouble and they update faster than their section counterparts.

So, if Johathan is going to convert everything to lines anyway, he can edit out anything he wants. He might save a little time and headache by using elevation VPs right on design layers.

Just my 2c.

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