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Window in curved wall

D Wood

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That's a good start, thank you.

Where might I find a glass block texture? The glass/metals/plastics library doesn't have any - is there another source? An ordinary glass texture of course looks great, but I need the pattern and part translucency of blocks.

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Maarten it must be a another one of your local customisation tools because it is not possible to produce anything like what your image shows with the curved window wall tool. It looks very nice.

Like the curved window wall tool should be. Able to have:

- Equally spaced vertical mullions.

- Equally spaced horizontal members.

- Glass faceting that matches the framing.

- Both one and two sheets of glass (one on each face).

We wish...

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I had to do the same kind of wall. I made 3d blocks, gave them a glass texture and built the wall using the Duplicate Array tool. It worked fine, however it takes FOREVER to render in FQ. All of those transparent glass faces creates a lot of computing.

I did not even try to address the grout.

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