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Section Lines

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Hello Peter,

Yes, the section lines are created as part of the "create section viewport" command as opposed to a simple drawn marker. Also, my viewports are in top/plan view and the "Project 2d Objects" check box is checked. Also the design layer the section markers are assigned to is at the top of the stacking list. Still no section lines.

Thanks for the reply.

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Peter, followed Pat's advice, then changed the SVP design layer and into the "None" class. They still don't show up in my floor plan viewports. Are you successful placing a viewport section line and having the marker visible? Is this me specific or do you have the same problem in 12.5.3? How about V 2008?


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Peter, here's something interesting. I created a blank document with a single design layer, created a box with 8' walls, created a section viewport and placed it on a new sheet layer called "Test". Then I created a regular VP on the design layer and place it also on the test sheet layer. I cannot get the section marker visible in the plan viewport.


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Daryl, I have no problems getting the Section Markers to show up in either Design Layers or Viewports (as per the setting/check-boxes in the "Section Line Instances" dialog). Could it be that you are not understanding the procedure entirely? Here it is again. Whenever this sort of problem occurs I strongly recommend opening a new (or copy of a) file to mess with...

1) Go to a Design Layer, in top/plan view.

2) Invoke the Create Section Viewport command.

3) Draw the section line and double click to exit.

4) In the ensuing dialog choose a Sheet Layer where you wish the Section to appear.

5) Accept all the other defaults (or not, but for trial I would recommend it).

6) Click OK. You will (eventually) end up in the chosen Sheet Layer, with the new Section Viewport selected.

7) With it still selected click on the "Section Line Instances" button in the Object Info Palette.

8) In the ensuing dialog place a CHECK next to each Design Layer and/or Viewport in which you wish to see the Section Line.

Remember: because of the way this procedure is designed, even if you have chosen to make the Section Line visible in a Design Layer, and then use that same Design Layer to create a Viewport, the Section Line will NOT be visible in the Viewport unless you have placed a CHECK next to the VIEWPORT NAME in the "Section Line Instances" dialog....

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Hello Peter, Sometimes you can scratch your head until it bleeds and look at yourself in the mirror and wonder why. I just didn't notice the little drop down box in the section line instances dialog that allows them to be made visible in a viewport.

I'll go put a bandage on my head.

Thanks for your help!

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