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stair duplication problem

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When I duplicate a stair made with the Stair tool (either by option-dragging, cutting/pasting, mirroring, etc)--when I subsequently select one of them and try to delete it--both stairs are deleted. When I undo the delete, both stairs are shown to be selected (even though I originally selected only one).

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Try this : select the duplicate stair, and go to the Data pane of the OIP.

Delete the content of the object name box (the top one), and eventually click the stair settings button from the OIP to have a new name generated.

From then on there'll be two separate stair objects.

This great tip was once given to me by Robert Anderson (thanks again, Robert). Hope it will help you as well.

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I'd like to pile on here, but first...to quote Gerrit - "Delete the content of the object name box (the top one), and eventually click the stair settings button from the OIP to have a new name generated."

I'm puzzled by the "object name box" - the first box in the OIP is the ground plane - anybody care to comment?

Secondly, the issue of the stair occurring on the upper and lower floor is problematic. Do you then place the stair of the next level on top of the stair from below which shows on the plan? And how do we deal with stairs on the next level which are different sizes? Is it possible to disable the 3D?

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I'm surprised to hear that this is still a problem. I tried to create the problematic condition in 2008 SP2 (83388), on both Windows and Macintosh, and didn't see any issue. I tried option-dragging a copy, copy-n-pasting a copy, duplicating a layer, etc.

Regardless, at the very least as a service to those who are not running the latest version of VectorWorks (and perhaps for some who are), I created a Tips-n-Tricks page at VectorWiki.org on fixing a drawing once this problem has occurred. There is a document script that you can run that will automatically straighten everything out. Here is the link: Fix Stair Associations

To answer visard's immediate questions:

The "object name box" is the top box in the Data pane of the Object Info palette.

And to the second question, in building with 3 or more floors, the intermediate floors will have stairs going up and stairs going down. To display this properly, you can set the stair "break" so that you only see a few treads of each staircase.

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He means the top box under the Data--not the Shape--tab of the OIP. As I mentioned, deleting that info/name and regenerating it worked with a similar Space object problem, but I can't get it to work with Stairs.

Individually creating stairs (as opposed to duplicating them) is obviously a pain with larger multi-story projects.

Yes, you place stairs on different flights on top of each other. Selecting the right one to edit is hit-or-miss, which is also annoying. Superimposing stairs of different widths is actually helpful in this regard, because it's clear which one you're trying to select.

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I just posted a request for help in the dwg import/export forum regarding some window and door parts going missing upon export to dwg. Then I remembered this post and wondered whether there was a similar issue at work. I had a data record listed under that Data Tab that said 1OF2-1OF1OR2OF2. I deleted it and Voila! the problem went away.

So do I understand correctly from a previous thread that this is an ongoing known problem which Nemetschek hasn't fixed?

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