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Now that I've figured out that the plant list shipped with VW2008 needs to be edited to record the botanical names (seems like an obvious fix for Nem.), the quantity column seems screwed up. Unless the plants of a particular variety are all in the same group, the list won't tally them. I just get a dashed line in the quantity column.

Is it just me??

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I am also getting the dashes. This is on a file converted from 12.5, with plants imported to VW2008. I just watched a 'Tech Tip' video describing how to import 12.5 plant symbols, and I think I may have checked the wrong button when it asked about importing the record format too!

Daryl, are you using 12.5 symbols?

Just trying to diagnose my problem! It is not a sum ID v. sum Latin name problem, not for me anyway.



Windows XP

Dell Inspiron 6400

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

To resolve the quantity problem open a blank document. Place one of the default 2008 plants on the drawing. Then go to your file and in the resource browser import the plant you placed in the new document into the your current file. You should get a message the the record format already exist. Choose to replace. When the plant list is recalculated the quantity should show.

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