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Answer the Phone!!!

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I have been trying for >1.5 hours to get through to tech support. When I call 410.290.5114 - the advertised Tech Support number I reach Sales. After being subjected to a 20 sec sales pitch I am told to call 410.290.5114. If I try to reach the operator the sales pitch is repeated and I then get a message that the voice mailbox is full and I should try again later.

I tried to reach my sales rep - but got the same run-around.

This is not the way the treat customers!!

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I've called Tech Support ((410) 290-5114) some 50 times during the past 6 months and am generally (about 90% of the time) put through to somebody in 2-3 minutes. I have had some issue with using VW but the customer service offered by NNA is not one of them... your issue getting through to someone, while understandably frustrating, is not the norm.

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That has generally been my experience as well. But NOT today.

If anyone in Tech Support reads this thread please call someone's attention to the situation. It is obviously a telephone problem and judging by the over capacity voicemail boxes I have encountered it is systemic.

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I just called 410 / 290-5114 and ask to speak to my sells rep Christin and was transfered to on the spot her and we talked about upgrading. In the past when I had troble reinstalling VW from a bad disc my rep had new CDs in my hand the next day, she is the only name and voice that I know at Nemetschek so I call her first and let her tranfer me to to the Techies.

Give it another try.

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Thanks - I had prepared a longish post describing the problem and then saw that the problem has been cleared. I called Tech Support and the problem was solved.

But I also let them know about the problem. Turns out they were in a company wide meeting and relied on the automated phone system which overloaded the voicemail boxes.

Thanks for the help.

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