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I'm trying to set up a sheet with three different viewports. Although I've set up this sheet before, now I can only see two of the viewports. When I click on the third one, one of the first two becomes invisible. I think this is incorrect visibility settings, but I can't figure out what to do.

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Israel, what version of VW are you using?

There could be some over-lapping of your VPs (so check the crop)

Try selecting the two visible VPs and move them off the sheet to see if VP #3 can be selected w/o affect the other 2.

Or recreating the sheet-layer and bring the VPs again or copy VP # 1 to get the ohter 2 and set the view using the OIP

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I had similar problem. I never got to the bottom of it despite an in-depth search of it with all visibilities. Whilst I could see it, I could not select it. And yes, select all classes and layers were enabled.

Im wondering if there is a bug lurking in there somewhere. My problems started when I duplicated a viewport with cut/paste. Interesting point above though regarding overlapping - I don't think any of the VP's were cropped and there would not have been any overlapping.

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