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Display symbol in worksheet


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Is it possible to display a symbol in a worksheet to use in a symbol legend. What I am looking at is a ceiling plan legend. One column would have all of my ceiling symbols such as lights and diffusers, etc displayed. The other columns would contain the record info for each symbol.


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I am pretty sure the answer is no, you can't display objects in cells of worksheets.

One way to still accomplish this is to just leave a blank column, then when you drop the worksheet on the sheet place the symbols on top where they should go. The effort of lining everything up and getting it all to fit can be a pain, but it will do the job. You could end up going back and forth between the worksheet to increase row height and column width, and maybe also convert your larger symbols to groups so you can shrink and enlarge them so they fit in the cell you want them to go in. Then just group the worksheet and objects so that they all stay together when you adjust their placement on the sheet.

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