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Hi all,

I have a few questions. I am new to vectorworks 3D I am using vectorworks version 11.5.1 At the moment I am modelling a house. I have produced the ground and first floor plans on separate sheets and therefore have different layers for each. I now want to produce active elevations and sections on different sheets so I can update the elevations as I work on the plans. Is there a way to join these layers together to act as a single object but not effect the originals acting as the plans??

As for the last question what is the easiest way to produce these elevations. At moment I am setting them up on the sheet and then creating 3D views and then creating a polygon copy however I find this method very tedious and am hoping there is a more efficient ethod that I am yet to find.

I also attempted the section and found when i used the cut 2D section it only showed objects it was cutting through and not showing objects in the background.

thanks to anyone who can help me with this project

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In your elevation viewports simply 'turn on' both your ground floor and first floor Design Layers. If you want to be able to view a 3D model that you can spin around, create a new Design Layer, then create a Layer Link. This has changed in newer versions of VWks, but you can learn about how to set up a Layer Link in the Help files.

In terms of developing your elevations, rather than creating a polygon copy, create a viewport of your elevation, place it on a Sheet Layer, then double click on the viewport and Edit Annotations. Here you can add 2D linework to add detail etc. This 2D linework will still need to be updated when you make changes to your model in the Design Layers, but at least you won't have to create a new polygon copy over and over with each change. When you are almost done with the project you may wish to create a polygon copy just so you can get it tuned cleaner than is possible or worth your time to do in 3D.

For Cross sections that you can see beyond the section line, in VWks 11 you need to use 3D Section tool, then view that section cut straight on. See the help files by clicking Help up on the VWks menu bar.

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Thanx gmm18 that was exactly the info i needed and i successfully completed that project :)

I have one other problem with another project at the moment. I have put 3D windows into the walls in my plans but when i go to the elevations the holes have been cut into the walls but the window detail is not showing up.

If anyone knows how to solve this problem that would be great

Thanx all

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Almost always, an object which cannot be seen but should be visible is assigned to a class which is set to invisible. If you are viewing the model in a viewport, check the viewport class visibilities (OIP Class button). If the windows are invisible on a design layer, one or more components in the window plug in object may be invisible. If all else fails, dbl click one of your windows to enter the symbol edit mode and click each object to determine its class and check that class visibility.

Many 3d objects need to rendered to be fully visible, although, they should show up as wire frames.

Good luck finding those windows.


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