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Is VW a 32 bit or 64 bit app? I am going to "upgrade" my OS from Vista to XP Pro and am unsure as to which version I should get. I almost threw my lap through the wall today after VW stopped responding...again. Completely ruined a drawing that I've been working on for a couple of months. I'm not slamming VW- I love the program; I'm SICK though...of dealing with the DAILY hassles of VISTA.

Thanks in advance,

Bob Hunter

315 Design Solutions

Atlanta, Ga.

VW 12.5.3

MS Vista Home Premium (not for long)

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BHunter, first VW is a 32 bit App. I think. When I first started using VW it was I was running XP Pro and now I am running Vista HP and the only time I have a problems is when I move a file from my laptop to my desktop. Some of the problems that you are experiencing may have more to with things like video cards, fonts and 12.5.3 than your OS. If you seach through this forum you will get a sense of the prolems and solutions that others have had on both the Mac and Windows platforms.

Try going back to 12.5

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Have you loaded SP1 for Vista yet? On the whole, I find Vista on my desktop pretty stable (no less so than XP on my laptop), and if I do get an application error, its much better than XP at helping me diagnose where the blame lies.

Also, have you checked the VW backup options? You may have a backup of your work. I let VW backup every 15 minutes into a subfolder of the current file and you can decide how many previous versions to keep. Pretty useful if you need to rollback a version or two. Always prudent of course to keep regular backups to a different disc or device.

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