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I know I can loft two rail curves and a profile curve, or two profile curves and a rail curve, but is there a way to loft two rail curves and Multiple profile curves?

I'm creating a rock wall by drawing the top edge of the wall and the bottom edge of the wall. Then I draw a profile of the wall and loft it to create the rock wall, but I want there to be different profiles along the way so as to create a more uneven rocky wall. Is there a way to do this?

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Unfortunately this makes the wall too linear. I'm looking to have multiple organic shaped nurbs curves for both the Rail and Profile curves. Here are three images. 1 and 2 show the before and after of using two rail curves and one profile. The third image is showing how I would like to add more profile curves to make the wall even more rock like, but I can't find a way to do this.

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Try >divide the top & bot rail curves then apply different Profiles. The result will be mismatched intersections where the Profiles misalign... and this is exactly the condition which will invalidate the procedure. The secret is to get those Profiles to align properly... something the Lofting Procedure will not do with multiple Profiles.

Do it manually by manipulation of the NURBS surface mesh is one option.

Or use the DTM Procedures which are designed to create "Rock-esque" surfaces from multiple contour profiles and/or 3dLoci elevation points.

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hi im a little new to vectorworks and have been getting to grips with the loft tool and the revolve rail tool. I have wrapped two floors of an atrium using these tools. The bottom using loft and capped it using the revolve rail tool. However i am having trouble punching holes through the structure to create walkways and balconies. please help!...

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