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Dear Vectorworks people,

I need your help. I am taking a class right now where my instructor sent me 7 *.mcd Vectorworks files. Six of those opened without any problems. On one of them, when I open it in either Vectorworks 12 or Vectorworks 2008, six black triangles show up on the page that don't show up on my instructor's computer. These triangles aren't objects that I can manipulate, they're just there. Does anyone have any ideas?



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make sure you are in the Design layer(s)

Use ctrl-A to select all objects

then zoom extents to see what is in the file

then go back and select an object using the Lasoo mode

what information do you get in the Object Information palette?

if it is on a sheet layer are they part of a Viewport?

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I don't think I get anything helpful in the Object Information Palette. In the Shape tab it says no class and layer one, nothing in the data tab, and a pull down menu in the render tab. I don't think that really matters since I can't select these black triangles.

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Set your Layer Options to Active Only and set through the layers one at a time to identify what layer they are on. Once you have the proper layer, they should be selectable.

Also check that all the layers are set the to the same view. I recommend Top/Plan. Use the Align Layer Views command to make sure they are the same.

Remember, you can only select items on layers that are the same scale and in the same view.


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