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LW import to 2008

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I have searched the forum and found nothing that has helped me yet.

The problem:

I cannot get anything to properly import into VW after exporting it from LW3.

The procedure:

I export the fixture data from VW including the UID and import it into LW3 just fine. I check, all UID is present. I export the data from LW3, I check the file in Excel, all UID data is there. I go to import it into VW, Autolink the fields, check the mapping, everything is where it should be ie. external id=UID. Go ahead with the import, not one field has mapped correctly! Every single field is completely wacked and now I have 96 orphans. I even tried to use the demo of LW4, same outcome.

The question:

So why are the data field mappings not listening to what they are set at? I think I was able to get this to work once upon a time back on VW11 but I have not had any luck since. Is it something I'm doing or is there an update that I have missed?

I'm beating my head on the desk at this point so please help this headache.

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I think I may have fixed it. For future reference I have to select the check box in LW to fill blank fields with "-". After doing that everything fell into the right places. So I'm guessing that this may be the fix. I'd still be interested in hearing if anyone else has run into this as well.

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Yes: you have to fill the blank fields with "-" because, I believe, VW doesn't recognize a blank space as a field entry; it'll just skip it.

Also, I highly recommend Sam Jones's Autoplot Tools for Spotlight:


The entire package is fantastic, but the macros for import and export to lightwright (he includes automated actions for LW as well) is alone worth the $35. I have rarely, if ever, had a single export/import error when using them.


Bradley King

Powerbook G4, 1.6ghz, 1GB Ram - OS 10.4.9

VW 2008 Designer SP2

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I'll second that emotion.

i use Autoplot for multi-show rep plots, and Autoplot Tools for Spotlight for less complex one-off plots. While Sam's numerous macros save massive amounts of time, the automated import/export macros to/from Lightwright are the next perfect extension to the database capabilities in VectorWorks.

for me, in either Autoplot or Spotlight, Sam's macros are a no-brainer.


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