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repaet last command?

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That's the duplicate array command, but that is not really my question.

I want to repeat the latest move command.

Now I select an object, press +M, insert the distance+enter. The object moves.

I can repeat the action by pressing +M+enter again and again, but there should be a quicker way.... If the distance is a complicated number I don't want to multily it in the move box.

Some applications have a +Y command that does just this.

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Perhaps tangential, or not...

The move tool options are crap. Moving an item and moving/duplicating multiple items are two totally different functions. I constantly use the move tool to move a single object (or group of objects) from point A to B. On occasion I need multiple duplication which requires toggling a bunch of options. The next time I try to use the move tool in 'standard' mode from A to B I get multiple copies that I must undo, change options, and move again.

These functions should be split into separate tools or made easier to adjust on the fly.


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Bonus, if you have the Offset Duplicates set in Vectorworks preferences, then Option dragging the first copy the offset you wish, or simply hitting your shortcut for duplicate, and dragging the resultant copy to where you wanted to to land, then your proceeding key presses for the Duplicate command will duplicate and offset by that amount.

Elegant? No.

Does it work? yes.

in any case, HTH,

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Thank's guys for all answers.

I think Bill understands my point. I would actually like to have a repeat last action command not only for the move tool.

Elegant move by Ion! I knew VW had that feature somewhere, but I thought it was lost in evolution....The thing is, I always have the offset duplicates off, but I'm glad you helped me find back to it. It's really useful at times.

It's not really what I'm after though.

The point is to repeat the MOVE, not the duplications.

Imagine you want to duplicate the same object at d(offset distance)=2, then at d=6, then at d=12 , then 16 etc..... No even pattern other than multiples of d.

With d being a simple number, it's easy to insert a new dimension in the floating bar or in the move selection. But if d(x)= 13,567, I guess you will get my point. If you add y and z dimensions to the move - you get some magnitude.

The best way I have found so far is to use the +M. The move distance will be highlited for editing. But instead of typing a new distance, I hit the right arrow key first and then multiply the distance by the number of d-moves I want to do.

But I would prefer to se the object jump away the d- distance every time I hit a repeat key. If I hit six times it moves 6xd etc.

Wouldn't it be nice?

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