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crown mouldings

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first off, you need to know what a "developed" crown moulding is to help...

Still here? great, is there an easy way to handle this on VW other than the traditional "swinging of the compass" method. possible resize or drag a "corner grab handle" and reshape it?

any suggestions would be appreciated

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Where a moulding turns a corner (say in plan) and springs at an angle or arc in elevation, the second moulding does not have the same profile if the 2 pieces are to meet correctly. The profile needs to be "developed" to find the new profile. (A bit like finding developments of solids and "true shapes")

Sketcher; the Shear Tool might do it, but I haven't tried it.


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Thanks Nicholas ;-) What about using multiple (as few as possible) extrude along path objects and then subtracting or trimming at the intersections. It's a tricky problem which might require a fair amount of trial and error. If you're wanting to model it to look good I think it can be done, but if you're trying to get CNC data, well that's a fish of a different color...

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i guess i should have tried this before asking...

first draw the profile of the moulding, put it in front view...

next extrude, (couple of inches) now 3-d rotate (ie 36.87deg for 9/12pitch)

"cut 2-d section" and VIOLA! new developed crown!!!

so simple even i could do it!!!

thanx for all input

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