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Viewport class button, feature or bug?

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We have a drawing that uses viewport for title blocks, and they are locked so no one accidentally (or just being stupid) move them or changes the visual properties.

Most of the Title Block Viewports are locked. Since they are locked using the Modify - Lock command, when you select the individual viewport with the selection tool, all fields in the Object Info Pallet are grayed out, and you cannot modify them, perfect.

When you select multiple viewports in the Nav window, and one happens to be unlocked, you can override the locked viewports. You can turn on/off classes, and layers. This would seem to bypass the locking of the viewports. If all are locked, then no modification can happen.

Not a problem for me, just messing around and I stumbled across it. It is not drawing specific, as can be replicated for any new or existing drawings.

Bug or feature?



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This is just left over from old practices, where we have a master title block file, that was workgroup referenced in, then when VPs came onto the scene, it was easier and quicker to VP a WR layer. This kept us from having to stop production when we were very busy, but now we may have the time coming up.

Thanks for the input.


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