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how can you best reference classes from a file?

I need to do this for the reason that those classes can change in our library of attributes. So like you can reference symbols from other file, I want to reference classes.

Now I do this by putting a rectangle from each class in a symbol (with a script of course) and then reference to that symbol. But is there other ways to do it?

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That's what I thought.

About eight months ago, I find a version 11 help file online when I was researching Vectorworks.

Unfortunately, the link is long since removed from my computer.

Maybe someone at Nemetschek can help you out with the information.

I don't know what all the copyright issues are with international versions.

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Well, I found the solution a while ago.

You have one file where you maintain your classes. In this file you make a symbol with all of your classes in through for example rectangles.

Then you reference this symbol in you other library files. Make sure you turn the option on for changing the class attributes.

When you now change an attribute of a class, it will also change in the library files. So when you import a symbol from you library, it will have the correct attributes.

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