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Need help on generating sectioned plant list

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I am trying to generate a plant list that separates out and lists my information in groups such as annuals, perennials,shrubs, trees. I get one master list of all plants alphabetically, I do get that I can append another list but I need to know how to separate the plant types. And as another note I get the column totals on the top and cannot seem to get rid of them anyone have any help.

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I don't have time right now to mess with the plant lists, but the column total can be hidden by unchecking the option (from the small triangle pull down menu above the column headers) that says Database Headers.

With Database Headers selected, you get the total (or count for non-numeric cells) of the column. You can also select a cell in the header row and add/edit the formula for the column.

With Database Headers off, you don't see the totals and can't edit the formulas.


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G'Day, I to am trying to setup a similar database. I would like to seperate the category's of plant into tree, shrub, ground cover. Have you had any luck yet. So far all i have been able to do is enter the information in manually and then create a formula to count each instance for a quantity.


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