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VW2008 Navigation

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I dont seem to get a hang of navigating around the screen easily with the new version. Zoom in, out, fit to objects etc. It is so much easier in VW12.5. Why can't we get back to the menu bar on the bottom left. If we can't, why can't we have a zoom out button, without having to find the alt key? Also why can't we dock the menu bar at the bottom. I do want the improvements given by VW2008, but it seems to me at a very high price of confusion in navigation. Am I missing an essential method of customising the screen to suite my best method of working. It is good in VW12.5.

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If you have a wheel mouse, you can use it to zoom in and out. It the wheel is also a button, you can use it to pan.

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Some more shortcuts that maybe you'll find usefull:

shift+scrolling : move the drawing to the left or to the right

alt+scrolling : move the drawing up or down

ctrl + scrollbutton : rotating your 3D view

apple+numpad 1 : zoom in

apple+numpad 2 : zoom out

apple+numpad 4 : zoom to page

apple+numpad 5 : plan/2D view

apple+numpad 6 : zoom to all objects (or selected object)

(if you're on a PC, replace apple by ctrl)

(and please, put your computer configuration in your signature, it's so much easier for us to help you then)

Also, I understand what you're saying, I too had some problems in the beginning (not with navigating though, but also with the changing of the layout of VW), but you get used to it quite quickly, just give it some weeks.

Sometimes it's good to leave your old methodes and use some new ones... Just a thought ofcourse.

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I have a kensington mouse w/ scroll wheel which is also a button, how do I set it up to pan? I've made a few unsuccessful attempts so far. I couldn't function very well with out the scroll wheel zoom.

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On mine, if I push down and hold the scroll wheel, it pans... (mine's some kind of Microsoft mouse - nothin' fancy for sure...)

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