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VW2008: Prevent instruments from associating with lighting position objects

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How can I disable the new "feature" that allows instruments from being associated with the lighting positions they share space with?

While this feature is useful on a very basic light plot, Vectorworks 2008 can't discern between instruments in different layers, whether an instrument is supposed to be on the overhead pipe or on the floor. It also gets confused when dealing with units near the intersections of pipes on lighting grids.


VW 2008 SP2

Mac OS 10.5.2

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Curiously enough, I was having this very issue yesterday. Spent ages trying to stop fixtures on floor stands "inheriting" the attributes of the position above. Eventually decided to create a specific layer with a height of 4'6" and placed the fixtures on that. That at least seemed to help.

What I would really like is the ability to turn these obvious "improvements" on or off.


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Really? No response?

Am I gonna have to pay for the next upgrade for a fix for this problem, just like I did to fix the broken "Automatch" feature in V12??

I have always found that using Light Position Objects in Spotlight is not worth it because the inconvenience of setting them up and editing them far outweighs the minimal benefits offered. Now they're even more useless. My first order of business from now on when receiving a new light plot will be to convert all the Light Position Objects back to symbols.

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I really like the lighting position objects, and at first thought this feature was really cool. Now that I've gone through a complete show with this feature, I've discovered how frustrating it can be for instruments to attach to an incorrect position. I second (third?) the motion to turn this off.

What would be excellent is a way to turn off the option, just like one can turn on and off auto-numbering. I find auto-numbering to work great if it is set to off, and then you turn it on and off once as the last thing before exporting the data to LW. Leaving it on confuses the program and screws up the numbering.

So hello nemetscheck... please a check box in the OI palette for Lighting position objects that enables/disables auto-refresh of spotlight instrument position data. It would be great if the OFF state still allowed instruments to pick up the data on insertion, like they used to, and the ON state enabled the (sometimes usefull) drag-and-drop updating.

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