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RickS - Lab 8

Door Hardware

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Trying to add Door Hardware to doors. Using the "Include Hardware" when you go into the Edit menu. If i add a Hardware set, and try to add it to another door, sometime it works, sometimes the set completely disappears. And a bunch of blank sets keep appearing in the list. Is there anyway to edit the list outside of VW? Like through a text editor? I noticed a text script under the VW script editor that was door hardware???

Help.....Very Frustrated!!

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Hi Rick,

This only cam to my attention recently, so I hope it is not too late to help out.

The file is easily edited using your favorite text editor.

The file is located in your VectorWorks folder at the following location:

\IP Source\Plug-ins\VW_Arch\Data\Prefs_Def (or whichever preference set you are using).

The file is : Door Hardware Library.txt

There is no real documentation on the format of this file, since it is typically maintained using the hardware set editor. It is a tab-delimited file, so that format, along with the number of fields must be maintained, otherwise the results are unpredictable. But you should be able to figure it out after spending a few minutes with the dialog itself and the text file that is being created. So if you are willing to put in some time, you can achieve the result you are looking for.

I hope this covers what you need and helps out,

Judah Warshaw

Nemetschek North America

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Thanks, i did find that file and had modified it. It seemed to work for the most part. I was still having some difficulties, from what I remember, it was due to the location of the default set vs. a project specific set? I think even after i had modified the file, VW would defualt to a different Pref Data Set. Will have to try again and see what happens.

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The current tool set used can be configured in the

Options > VA Set Project Prefs menu item. This will being up a dialog showing the currently chosen preference set, and the match up to the folders found at \IP Source\Plug-ins\VW_Arch\Data\

So if you are manually editing the files, make sure the you are updated the one the system will actually use.

Judah Warshaw


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12.5.x is stuffed in this regard

if you are using XP + VW12.5.3 or earlier custom Prefs don't work in the default location.

if you move or establish your customised Pref set almost anywhere else other than the VW program files location they should work ok.

see this thread for more on this saga:


good luck

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Thanks all,

Finally got back to a project that needed the door hardware info. We are using 2008 with XP. It did work moving the Pref's file to another location. It does not seem to be adding random blanks in the lists.

Thanks again!!!

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