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Font too wide in VW

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Do you have Quartz imaging turned on? (Preferences>Display tab) This may render the font more accurately.

TrueType and OpenType fonts include the PostScript info, and a whole lot more. We don't use any solely PostScript fonts (either Type I or III), but rather all TrueType. I do know that VW is more sensitive to font-type and possible corruption than, say MS Word. In fact, I could (but won't) send you a "free" font someone once downloaded that crashed VW every single time it was used.

The net result of my ramble is this: unless absolutely necessary (and be prepared for unpredictable results), always use genuine TrueType or OpenType fonts. At the risk of being redundant: if the font didn't come with your OS, or you didn't buy it, don't count on the results.

Good luck,

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