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Changing the leader length on plant tag

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You can't move the Plant Tag by selecting on either the text or any of the 4 perimeter handles. You have to use the handle which is located at the centre of the inserted plant (or one of the plants if you have a plant group).

To do this you need to make sure you have the interactive mode on and that you get the diagonal arrow cursor. Then you will be able to drag the tag away.

It would be a lot more intuitive if "control handles" like this had a different coloured handle. eg. red. Then you could just say to someone move the 'red' handle.

Watch how the handle moves in the attached two images.

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Thank you very much for your help.When I click on a plant symbol I do not have any object handles other than the centre handle. When I look at my preferences it indicates 8 handle seclected, however they do not appear with plant symbols? When I select the 2d selection tool to move a tag what other tool is required for to complete the task. Perhaps I do have my tool bar set up properly. Interactive mode? Thanks.

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Hm, when I select a plant or plant grouping the only control handle is on the tag, not around the plant group. Sounds like you're using the 2D RESHAPE tool, not 2D SELECTION tool. If you select the plant and with the selection tool (one click only, two will take you into the reshape tool), and ensure that the second mode is selected in the mode bar, labelled "single object interactive mode". OR, the only other thing I can think of is that your plant is on some layer that you are having trouble selecting. I have an intermittent bug where I cannot select something unless I am on its layer, despite the fact that I am in show/snap/modify mode. Make sure

good luck, deadlines always force me to learn something new,


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alchemilla - you are a life saver!

It's always the really obvious thing that I miss. Yes I was using the 2D reshape tool not 2D select - I've never even noticed that its called 2D select even though I use it continuously.

Argh - I wasted hours yesterday trying to sort this out!

Thanks for your help.


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