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Where to get 8.5.1 update?

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I was wondering if and where I may able to get the update TO 8.5.1 online anywhere. I upgraded the 8.0.1 version I purchased a while ago to 8.5. Now I know that the most current version is 8.5.2, and the installer will only upgrade from 8.5.1. So is there anyplace I can get this upgrade? Thanks in advance.

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Unless my memory is playing tricks on me, the version you've got most probably is 8.5.1. The so-called "8.5 update" CD that you received actually contains 8.5.1.

Caleb Strockbine


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Originally posted by Caleb Strockbine:

The so-called "8.5 update" CD that you received actually contains 8.5.1.


The disk we received does contain 8.5.1, but perhaps Marqro2 never received his disk, or lost it, or destroyed it, etc.

I think the point here is that there is no way to upgrade from 8.0, 8.0.1, or 8.5.0 to 8.5.2 via downloads from the web site since 8.5.1 is not posted on the site.

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You are correct. You must have 8.5.1 to upgrade to 8.5.2 from the website. The 8.5.2 disc is a full version and does not require 8.5.1 to install. Furthermore, if you have one 8.5.1 cd, you can use that on multiple installations as the serial numbers are what seperate the licenses. A valid license works on any disc. Please contact your distributor to receive a copy of the disc if you so desire. You will need confirmation of your registered serial number.


Brian O

Nemetschek North America

Technical Support Specialist

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