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Section Viewport Hatching

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We are trying to draw a pattern on a section viewport. basically a wainscot on an toilet room elevation. is there any way to get the hatch to go around the fixtures automatically, or be behind the fixture but in front of the wall?? If you draw a rectangle in annotation space and send it to the back, it goes behind the wall and disappears??

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Only 2 ways to do this that I know of: 1) in a design layer, use an actual wall, with one (very skinny) component, and a height equal to whatever your wainscot. Give the component the fill/hatch you want (and perhaps it's own class which will help with visibility in various views, or 2) draw it in the annotation space and clip out the portion where the fixture is (using the clip surface command).

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Ahhhh! Peter thank you man for another GREAT tip about the very skinny wall component, no more using the 2d polygon tool to draw around an object. I am starting to use walls to repesent various objects like counter tops, conc. slabs/porches or anything that I am going to hatch. Thanks again.

When is your Tips-Tricks and Techniques manual coming out?

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Hmmm.. I'm sure I'm missing something basic here but I can't get walls to show hatches. I've drawn a wall with components, set the components classes to a hatches, and set at creation. I then made Section VP of the wall, with the show wall components check box on. No hatches showed up. The VW help wasn't much help.

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Tobias, Here's a simple step-by step. I suggest opening a new file as it will be faster and easier: 1) Select the Wall Tool, and in the Wall Style Pulldown (upper left) choose "Ext 2 x 4 Siding" (or just about any other Style that comes preshipped or that you have created)NOTE: I believe you'll only have this if you own Architect, or one of the other "Industry Series" products. 2) Draw a wall. Set it's height to something other than "0". 3) Run the "Crete Section Viewport" command, drawing the section line through, and perpendicular, to the wall. 4) In the new Sheet Layer (where the section will be), select the Section and change it's scale to at least 1/2" - 1' (or larger). Notice that all of the wall components show in the section, including their (factory set) attributes. I have attached a screenshot (in which I have changed the "Section Style" class to have white, instead of red, fill, and a skinnier line weight).

Now, if you want to, you can study the "Class List" and Setup. By doing this in a new clean file you will be able to see how the initial settings were done, and hopefully gain some insight into making your own Wall Styles, or modifying the ones that ship with VW's. Hope that helped...

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Thanks for all the replies, unfortunately, we were hoping there was a way for the "hatch" to show up in background elevation of the section so we would not have to go in and draw the wainscote in elevation. It seems like the only way to get the wainscote be in elevation is to draw it in annotation space of the VP?? So we will have to draw it and punch holes or go around the fixtures...

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