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Hit or miss printing




Forum newbie here. I've read the posts regarding plotting and printing problems. I've been using VW 2008 for about a month.

Some things print fine, others don't. I can't establish a pattern yet, but I think the printing problems come from dwgs created in VW 2008. I'm on a PC w/xp and using an HP 1220C DeskJet. But, as others, I've had problems when converting to a pdf from the print window. This morning VW crashed trying to create a pdf. The prints will drop horizontal or vertical lines, both from patterns and actual drawn lines, rectangles, etc... drop all the vertical or horizontal lines from a group object.

I never had this problem with VW 12.5.3 and all my hardware is the same. HELP!

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Yes, I do have SP2 and I'm up-to-date. I've had a bit of success exporting pdf's to get almost all the info to print, but there are still some lines dropped and one side of rectangles - for example I have a series of rectangles and every right side of some of the rectangles will not print. Some patterns also don't print all the lines, it's odd because it will print every other third line or so. It's so random that I thought it could be the printer cartridges and changed them. But I also have printed from another printer and the the same thing happens-and it's at least consistant in printing the same thing every time- which leads me to believe that the program isn't sending all the information. Any suggestions?

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I have encountered your problem when I send PDF's to my reprographics company.

It appears that some lines are dropped during rasterization. These are typically those at .05mm.

So try bumping up your line weights on the offending entities.

Also try printing directly to the printer not from PDF.

Finally, are you EXPORTING to pdf or PRINTING to a pdf printer?

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I first encountered the problem when I was printing directly from VW. Then when I created a pdf in the printing window, the same lines are dropped. Exporting to a pdf and then printing, printed most of the missing lines but not all. I will check to see if all missing lines are .05mm. Sorry to be so vague about this issue, but it's difficult since it is so random and has happened only three times so far. But your stomach clenches every time you go to print because you're not sure what you're going to get! And of course it happens at crunch time when you need to get something out the door immediately.

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In Windows it is possible to generate a PDF file through a printer driver.

You just select the appropriate "printer" when using the print command.

Adobe provides one with Acrobat, and third parties also provide them.

It is a common, and often unsatisfactory, way of generating PDF's from autocad products (I've found that using native eps support and distiller provides more consistent results).

Obviously given Vectorworks native support for PDF, Windows users have both options.

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