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Shed Dormer

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I find that making the shed dormer from the Roof Object tool works well, since I can then do soffits, etc.

Draw the rectangle, AEC/Create Roof, put in your parameters, including slope or rise/run, make the roof. It will show up as a regular hip roof. Select the sides and top ridge and make them Gables. Top has 0 overhang. Sides are your choice.

You may have to move it up or down (alt/M/M/0) to fit into the location on the main roof. To cahnge the slope, select the lower eave, change the slope or rise/run, and "entire Roof" and you should have it.

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Guest Wes Gardner

Or try this - once you set the window and VW takes you to the "Edit roof Element" dialog, check the "Shed" radio button and then select something like "Building Line Offset" or even the "Width" setting...you can then TAB down into the Slope box and enter whatever pitch you want...

For some reason, you're right, you CAN NOT go directly to the Slope Entry point...hmmm...must be a bug

I'll submit it for you.

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