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feature request - flat truss

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If I try to draw a flat truss in VW I can rotate the symbol on the Truss Tool so that the truss hangs up-down (chords top and bottom) but the 2D symbol always shows the truss as if it were hanging flat left-right (chords on sides) which is something that structurally would almost never be done. Am I missing something or is the tool not behaving properly for flat truss? If not, can Nemetchek please modify the tool so flat truss will only show one chord in Top/Plan 2D view if the Truss is rotated so that it hangs up-down.

many thanks.

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Do you mean edit the 2D Component? Editing the insertion point does not really have that option. And, in order to edit it in that way first I have to turn it into a lighting position so I can edit it as a symbol.

Once done, I can draw in a rectangle of the right dimension to represent the 2D form but if I delete the truss then the symbol no longer has the truss component in 3D. How would you suggest to edit the 2D Component to see the object as it should be in plan?

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I tried to do it that way, but it didnt work so....

OK Try this. Draw your truss from the truss tool. After you get the correct size, convert it to a 3d poly (modify...convert...convert to 3d polys).

Because you cant flip it as a 2d symbol except around the 'z' axis. Now change view to right, or left..your choice, and cntl-L. This will flip it upright, but the truss will retain the 3d qualities.

Bob Hunter

315 Design Solutions

WinVista VW 12.5.3

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