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object-in-viewport selection - ever to be?

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Of course it is just not now possible, right? I have not been wasting half of my working elevation directed hours hunting for the obvious, that which I may or may not be able to see but for which the OIP offers nothing...

I'd really rather you tell me that, yes, I have been wasting my time and that ojects displayed in VPs (not the annotation thereof) are selectable and reportable because that would mean I could at least start to not be so wateful. (Provided you told me how.)

Pardon my frustration, please.

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That's a helpful tip, Ray.

But what I want is for VW to allow me to select within the VP and to give me info about my selection, if nothing else. I see nothing wrong with that in the context of a 'view' only. Ultimately, I want to be able to edit whatever I can see at any time, but I guess that is a long standing issue which distinguishes true 3D CAD from 2.xxxD? I guess what I seek additionally gets away from the purpose of VPs, but it seems their use has been stretched to meet gaps in functionality and so I want to stretch it a bit further, but still reasonably, I hope.

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As I see it, this is what you get in 2008. At least almost. Some effort is still required.

Just like Ray says, double click or right click on the VP and choose edit design layer.

What's new in 2008 is that you will get a quick shortcut to get back to the sheet layer once you are finished. Just like when editing a group in 12.5 where you get the "exit group" button in the upper right corner, you will have a "return to VP" button.

...or is there more that is frustrating you?

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Thanks, guys.

"is there more that is frustrating you?" Well, yes, thanks for asking, but this one thing is plenty for now.

Definitely "something like being able to select objects in the VP but still see the annotations," and get info on the objects just as if they were recognized as.... objects. So I could carry on with the needed info without having to switch hither and yon and back.

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