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odd LPO label behavior

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While this has stumped me for some time I think I finally found a way justify text (at least left, center, right) for LPO labels.

In order to set the justification of a label make sure that Position Summary is unchecked and nothing is selected. Open the Format Text... menu and set Left-Center-Right justification (vertical justification does not seem to work), and the font size if you want. Then select your LPO and check Position Summary. The label will now take the proper justification instruction along with the font, etc. With Position Summary checked you can still modify font type, size and style from with Format Text ...menu but you cannot change the justification unless you turn off Position Summary and start the process again.

Is this what other people see? I am relieved to have found the key to it but I think the behavior of the LPO is odd and inconsistent.

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