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ZIG ZAG line script/tool


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I would like to be able to draw a POLYLINE with Break Line functionality eg. Break style, Break height, Break radius, space between breaks etc.so that I can draw a boundary line with a zigzag appearance that is editable. Does anyone have any ideas on how best to achieve this.

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Create a 2D Path Object.

The script must contain two parts

First part is used to obtain the vertex of the poly you draw with your new tool.

pHd := getcustomobjectpath(me);

n := getvertnum(phd);

FOR i:=1 to n DO BEGIN

GetPolylineVertex(phd, i, vx, vy, vertexType,arcRadius);


Second part is used to draw your "poly break line".

Inside you must define instruction for drawing break styles.


FOR i:=1 TO n DO

if vertexType=0 then Addpoint(vx, vy)



I hope to be worthwhile...

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