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Show other objects while editing


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Hi all,

Just like when editing a viewport crop (where VW allows you to see other objects on the sheet layer while editing the crop boundaries), why can't i edit the vertices of an extruded 3d object while seeing the surround 3d solids? I have ticked 'on' the VW preferences/ Display to show other objects while editting a group...but still all I see when I want to edit my extruded object is a blank white canvas. Any help?



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Zhin - As you know, many 3d objects can be edited through OIP (eg spheres and extrudes) or dragging with the 2d or 3d reshape tool (eg meshes). But, I assume you are working with solid additions, etc which have memory of the steps taken to create them. VW does not display other objects during 3d solid edit for these objects.

But you can insert some guides to help you snap and orient during the edit. Prior to the edit, trace, copy or duplicate an edge or surface or place a few 2d or 3d loci on your drawing. These present snap points you will need during your edit. Group and cut these guide objects, dbl click to enter the edit of your solid, Paste in Place. Now you have the points and edges in that group visible and available for snap during your edit. After your edit, delete or cut the group and exit the edit. If you do not delete the guide group you may get an error message for illegal objects, or you may muck up your renderings and future edits by leaving them in place.


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